Be the Hero of Your Story:
Writing for Growth, Gratitude, Breakthroughs, Healing & Happiness


A seven-week writing/personal growth workshop of two hours per week

Facilitator Meg Pier is an accomplished writer, communicator and personal historian who has helped people tell their stories for 30 years.
Meg has personally used writing as a transformative tool to process grief, push past self-defeating mindsets
and achieve enrichment and soul growth.
Meg Pier / ViewfromthePierCommunications

 How many times have you heard the expression “What’s your story”?

Well, what is your “story”?  Or, said a little differently, what is your core belief about yourself, and life?
And, more to the point…do you like it? Is it working for you?

Are you stuck? Do you have a particular situation, relationship, behavior pattern, attitude, belief, memory, or experience that you know is holding you back?

A soundbite from another workshop on the philosophy & kind of insights that emerge from taking a fresh look at your story.

Do you have a long-held dream that remains unfulfilled? Is there something that you know in your core you were meant to do but you just haven’t been able to manifest?

Do you like to write? Are you a story-teller at heart? Do you value being heard?

According to a January 19, 2015 piece in The New York Times, studies have shown that writing about your personal experiences can improve your outlook, contribute to physical well-being, and even boost memory.  Researchers have concluded that the power of writing — and then rewriting — your personal story can lead to behavioral changes and improve happiness.

The concept is based on the idea that we all have a personal narrative that shapes our view of the world and ourselves. We have our “back story” that revolves around a basic plot we have adopted as the frame work for our whole life, influencing every move we make.

But as the Times piece says, sometimes our inner voice doesn’t get it completely right. There is scientific evidence that by writing our own stories in the third person, and then engaging in a series of reflection and revision exercises, we can identify obstacles that stand in the way of happiness–and change our perceptions of ourselves.

In being willing to look at a specific challenging situation or attitude with the detachment of a “reporter,” a door is opened to transform an aggravating scenario into a springboard for success. Through writing about a difficult experience, an unexpected upheaval or an unfulfilled goal, it’s possible to convert a source of frustration and pain into a positive outcome, and achieve a sense of accomplishment, relief and feeling of being in tune with your Life’s plan.

This workshop will focus on one specific scenario in your life that you would like to change. That scenario can be overcoming an obstacle, achieving a goal or changing a behavior. Over the course of the seven-week workshop, you’ll write about this scenario as a short story, considering it from a variety of vantage points. Each week, we’ll focus on a different aspect of story construction and apply it to your scenario. These elements will include writing about the story’s Hero (you); Premise/Core Belief; Quest; Conflict; Humor/Perspective; Turning Point/Change; Growth/Resolution.

No writing experience is necessary.

The work shop will include several instances of sharing your writing aloud with fellow participants. You can pass on sharing but if it is not something you are generally comfortable with, the class may not be a good fit for you.


The next workshop will be held in Marblehead MA on Monday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., starting on March 7 and running through April 18, 2016. Cost: $350

If it’s time to change the “same old, same old” story, then reserve your space in the work shop by contacting Meg Pier at [email protected]

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