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Meg Pier Meg Pier

Meg is an award-winning professional with a progressive 20+ year career blending expertise in writing, editing, interviewing, public relations and brand building. She has a diversified set of credentials:  a corporate career as the founding member of PR departments for four major financial services firms, a portfolio of bylines as a published writer, and publisher and editor of the website www.ViewfromthePier.com, dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and personal growth.

Meg is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, the Huffington Post and website of CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg.  Through a monthly interview column on www.ViewfromthePier.com, Meg has profiled everyday heroes, members of royalty and philanthropic leaders; her subjects have included the Duke of Argyll; the chief of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage division; the CEO of the U.N. Foundation; and the founder of the Global Heritage Fund.

The thread throughout Meg’s wide range of interests is an endless fascination with people’s stories. She has an abiding passion for helping others to “connect the dots,” engaging them in a process to discover what makes them unique and discern the value their experiences can offer others.  Meg considers it is a privilege to work with individuals and organizations to find their voice, as well as identify ways in which to let it sing.


lisa-seltzerLisa Seltzer

Lisa is a mental health counselor trained in holistic counseling at the graduate level, with a vital interest in promoting the integration of body, mind and spirit. As a Positive Psychology Coach she serves as a guide, helping others navigate through life?s challenges with the goal of transforming through transition.

Forgiveness studies with Dr. Luskin of Stanford University helped define Lisa?s interest in end-of-life family reparative work. She is nationally certified by ADEC in Bereavement Counseling. In 2013 she received her certification in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute at Kripalu. Lisa is currently pursuing credentialing from ICF, an internationally accredited organization and leader in the field of Positive Psychology Coaching. As a coach, Lisa strives to empower people though a prism that is both positive and pragmatic. Her work as a Personal Historian enriches her coaching practice as she endeavors to help clients shape their legacy projects.

Lisa’s years of study and work have crystallized her belief and passion in the healing capabilities of writing. Guided reflection, facilitated by a skilled and respectful coach, can be transformative. As individuals explore and capture the meaning of their lives, they engage in a literary, therapeutic and inter-generational process. As a vehicle for promoting healing and personal growth, Lisa is committed to sharing the value of this meaning-making process. A co-founder of Life Lessons and Memories, Lisa now serves as a consultant on the shaping and direction of legacy projects. You can contact Lisa at: [email protected]com



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