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There are times in our lives when we feel compelled to pause and reflect on our past. These occasions can be a summing-up, or a turning point at which we want to assess where we have been in order to decide where we are going. Such moments can include the birth of a child, turning fifty, getting divorced, retiring or reaching the twilight of one’s life.

Discerning how to approach the most meaningful highlights of your life and weave them into a cohesive narrative can seem a monumental task. We offer a wide array of products and services and our initial free consultation is designed to determine which best suits your desires and needs. Through a guided process of reflection and assessment, life events and achievements can be celebrated and challenging passages can be honored.

The spectrum of popular personal history projects includes ethical wills, celebratory tributes, family cookbooks, home tributes, life narratives and mini memoirs (all described below). The end product can be very simple, such as an audiotape or one-page letter, or more elaborate, such as a hardbound book devoted to the full record of a life and accompanied by photographs and testimonials.

We can offer as little or as much input as you require. Our level of guidance can range from periodically reviewing and editing your writing on an hourly consulting basis….to ghost-writing your book-length memoir. For more in-depth projects, we will collaborate with you to develop an outline of key events, then conduct a series of interviews with you to capture the setting, details and mood of each significant experience. Transcriptions of these interviews will be edited, reviewed with you, and revised as you would like. Our goal is to assist you practically, emotionally and creatively in a transformative pursuit.


~Celebratory Tribute

All of us are touched by certain individuals who have made a difference in our lives. One way to honor such a person is by crafting a tribute to what makes them special to you and others. In commissioning such a celebratory tribute, you can choose to have the piece reflect your personal views, or present the voices of other key people in the life of the person you seek to memorialize.

A Celebratory Tribute can vary widely in length.

~Ethical Will

An Ethical Will is a gift to successive generations in which you share values, beliefs and life lessons. With this non-binding document, you can transmit your hopes and dreams for the futures of those you care about, and hand down advice and words of wisdom gleaned from your experiences. An Ethical Will is a companion to legal wills and is written to friends and family.

An Ethical Will is typically three to eight pages in length.

~Home Tribute

The concept of “home” is a powerful one and conveys a sense of family, comfort, identity and belonging. As you downsize or relocate, create a tribute to the place that holds so much history and meaning. The act of honoring your home can be both a catalyst for remembering stories and the means by which you save them for posterity.

A Home Tribute can vary widely in length.

~Family or Community Cookbook

The tastes and aromas of favorite recipes are wonderfully evocative of family, community and cultural heritage. Special dishes are often associated with a certain person, an annual holiday or a cherished tradition. Allow us to help you gather and organize these heirlooms and the stories behind them into a beloved history of the food that has nourished your family across generations.

A Family Cookbook is typically 25+ pages.

~Focused Narrative

A Focused Narrative commemorates a specific life experience which forever altered your essence and world view—whether the experience was inspirational, challenging or random. You may wish to memorialize a powerful one-time event, such as the birth of a child, running your first marathon or a serendipitous encounter with a stranger. Your Focused Narrative may examine a significant life milestone or passage, such as a tour of military duty, struggle with illness, or retirement from a business career. You may choose to examine the lessons of a life-long pursuit or passion, such as sailing or travel.

A Focused Narrative can vary widely in length.

~Life Narrative/Mini Memoir

A Life Narrative/Mini Memoir looks at the full arc of your life through a wide lens, chronicling the events and experiences that are uniquely yours. Through this process, we guide you in examining the threads and patterns that
create your life’s tapestry.

A Life Narrative is typically 50+ pages. A Mini Memoir typically ranges between 25-50 pages.


We provide consulting services for those who seek one-on-one coaching for personal history endeavors that are personally undertaken.


We offer workshops for groups that wish to learn more about undertaking solo personal history endeavors.
Pricing is negotiable.

Time & Financial Commitment

Our experience bears out data from the Association of Personal Historians that each hour of client interview involves approximately 10 -15 hours of work by a personal historian for transcription, editing, revisions, and so forth.

As each life is unique, so too is every legacy project. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives, our process and the type of memoir product that best meets your needs. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation:  [email protected]

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