Your life and the lessons you’ve learned matter.

There is a spectrum of popular personal history projects that enables you or a loved one to honor and preserve valuable memories. Among the different memoir formats are ethical wills, celebratory tributes, family cookbooks, home tributes, mini memoirs and life narratives.

Every human has the desire to extract meaning from their experiences and to transmit their wisdom to others. Discerning how to approach the most meaningful highlights of your life and weave them into a cohesive narrative can seem a monumental task.  We offer a wide array of products and services and our initial free consultation is designed to determine which best suits your desires and needs.

We can offer as little or as much input as you require. Our level of guidance can range from periodically reviewing and editing your writing on an hourly consulting basis….to ghost-writing your book-length memoir. For more in-depth projects, we will collaborate with you to develop an outline of key events, then conduct a series of interviews with you to capture the setting, details and mood of each significant experience. Transcriptions of these interviews will be edited, reviewed with you, and revised as you would like.

Our goal is to assist you practically, emotionally and creatively in a transformative pursuit. We offer editorial guidance and personal encouragement to extract the full essence of your experience and convey it in an authentic and compelling way. We will review your personal history with you and record your significant events and epiphanies with respect, confidentiality, compassion, dignity and honesty.

Choosing to honor your story by telling it is a gift you give yourself and others, and a privilege for us.

As each life is unique, so too is every legacy project.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation—we welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives, our process and the type of memoir project that best meets your needs.



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Life Lessons and Memories